Lying on my back in the grass. In the grass under a tree. Through the canopy of that tree, I could just see the blue sky. The sun also shone in between. A light breeze provided a playing shadow over my face from the moving leaves. I felt protected by the tree. Nothing could touch me; nothing could interrupt my dream.

I’d like to live under that roof for the rest of my life. The rhythm of the seasons and the protection under that canopy would make me aware of the intensity of this world.

Winter: I would shiver and…

Mark Pol “Mutation .. not ready!”

While walking through a quiet area, I let my gaze go over the surrounding landscape. There I discovered, looking at the bright blue sky, a bare tree on the top of a hill. Standing there: lonely. I stared at it for a while. What struck me was the loneliness of that single tree. I was surprised that, while I was staring, a figure of a human slowly appeared. That human, too, stood there alone and abandoned next to that tree.

Two lonely creatures, once formed on this planet. The tree that tries to survive and protect the lonely human. The…

Mark Pol Paradise Lost

Some time ago I was with my wife in a hotel somewhere in the Netherlands. Lovely beach hotel fully prepared against COVID-19.

What struck me in the hotel room on transition to the bathroom in a black stone threshold that had white spots in it. That threshold looked like a geological time cut from many millions of years ago. In that black stone threshold were white petrified prints of small aquatic/sea creatures, which must have lived at that time.

A long-gone geological time period in which human presence was lacking. A time when the Earth could still control its own…

Mark Pol, Greece

The character of the period in which we now live determine our future. The approaching summer will be a summer, which will look nothing like all the summers we have ever experienced.

The character in the current period will also be determined by the behaviour and attitude of people in our society. That behaviour and attitude will be influenced by an ever-increasing flow of (mis)information. Sensitivity to social media influence will continue to grow.

The Pandemic we live in now will never go away. This Pandemic will be tracked by another Pandemic. The indifference with which we deal with nature…

Threaded Desire by Mark Pol

… is not equally clear to everyone. Even if we could see through the meaning of things, life does not get any easier. Sometimes I look at art with amazement. What’s the point of art? Why does man want to express himself in colors and form both in two and three dimensionally? Art for bread. Art with a vision. Art just for art. I can go on like this. That doesn’t make working in and with art any easier. The use of new techniques is also becoming increasingly common in all artistic expressions. We do not know why man now…

The future of energy, we should have started to think about it 40 to 50 years ago.

The power of the oil companies and the stupidity of our politicians cover it up and suppressed it.

Today we are thinking it over again and again, but still there is the same thing going on.

The future is now very very near, about 250 million years ago all the life on earth was on the brink to be wiped out because of the climate change at that time.

Now we are close again.

Energy is still generated by burning oil, coal and…

Azteeks fantasy 4

When the world comes to a standstill in you. Life fades away. You’re sinking into oblivion. The images are fading. The dreams disappear.

Planet Earth will continue to exist. She will make her circle around the sun until it is extinguished. Then all life is gone. Civilizations will have faded. Then our planet will disappear in the eternity of the universe.

On this quiet morning, my thoughts are drawn to the relativity of our existence. All battles will then be fought, played out all powers. All poverty has disappeared and the suffering has disappeared. All the grief will be comforted…

Forced silence … By Mark Pol
Forced silence … By Mark Pol

The messenger of bad news was always killed by the King. That’s the way it always was. It shouldn’t but the truth has always sparked fear. If you kill the messenger you will kill the truth, but the truth is always harsh and unpleasant. Truth has no feelings. Truth won’t let you laugh, maybe sometimes it does. We, as Humans, try always to bury the Truth.

If you see the reactions of dictators in a number of countries today about the Covid-19 and see their strange behavior about the truth of Covid-19. That’s the way they tried to kill the…

When the dreamer dies, what happens to his dreams? No one’s going to know. This drawing with acrylic on paper is an attempt to express this dilemma.

It’s also sometimes said that dreams are a hoax, but I don’t agree with that. Aren’t dreams and ideals far apart and dreams not the beginning of sometimes great creations? As an artist, dreams cannot be separated from the creation of works.

Without my dreams, I can’t make what I’ve made for over half a century. I always make a sketch or a drawing first. Then, after I have put it aside, a…

Waiting for You

Waiting for … (Mark Pol)
Waiting for … (Mark Pol)

Wait. Waiting is a part of our lives. Wait your turn, wait in line, wait at the dentist. Sometimes you’d think if I’d only been born 12,000 years ago, waiting wouldn’t have been a problem, maybe.

The image on this work is a woman, waiting in her most beautiful clothes. Is it a date? Is it a friend or family waiting for her? Is she having a hard time mentally? Does she know that she is waiting and does not know that no one will show up?

Is she’s waiting for Godot? From Samuel Beckett’s play in…

Mark pol

I am an artist:painter. I paint and draw. Its a kind of figurative surrealism.

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