In the Eye of the Hurricane

Mark Pol
3 min readOct 29, 2023
Picture of a hurricane, the eye?

In the Eye of the hurricane, it is dead quiet. You hear and see nothing of the outside world. Nothing moves. In the eye you are in the middle of an enormous chaos. Around the eye, everything is swept away and destroyed. Everything is being dragged or sucked away. The air around the eye resembles a mountain of trash in motion. Unrecognizable debris, sometimes people, cars, and parts of houses. Not to mention the trees.

In the eye of the hurricane, there is a serene silence as if the world outside does not exist.

We are currently living in the eye of a hurricane. A hurricane of climate change, refugee flows, floods, wars and oppression. The silence in the eye is deafening. Every person in that eye waits shivering with fear: “What happens if the hurricane moves on?”.

Sitting in the eye, we must think ahead and employ our common sense in that thinking, about how to anticipate such things in the near and further future. The impenetrable mass of clouds that surround us and obscure our view, how should we deal with them?

We are caught up in our own problems. We have allowed ourselves to be led by the power of money and have therefore forfeited our future. If that problem is solvable at all, it will require a huge amount of the resources available to us.

The hurricane is an interplay of natural forces in our atmosphere, whether or not caused by the increasingly palpable effects of climate change.

Likewise, the situation in the world is an amalgam of theocratic dictatorships, far-right political dictatorships, poverty, oppression and wars. We now live in a world as once pointed out by Noam Chomsky.[i]

We let the hurricane take its course. We sit idly in the eye hoping it will all pass, while we fight each other through political debates. From which nothing ultimately emerges to address the aforementioned issues.

Political gain is a sine qua non, for winning seats. That in turn is sine qua non for gaining more power to force one’s own party program down the throats of the people. The national interest is secondary to that.

When the eye of the hurricane starts moving, it will destroy all that indecision, impotence, unwillingness, enrichment and lust for power. Nothing will be as it…



Mark Pol

I am an artist:painter. I paint and draw. Its a kind of figurative surrealism.