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Threaded Desire by Mark Pol

… is not equally clear to everyone. Even if we could see through the meaning of things, life does not get any easier. Sometimes I look at art with amazement. What’s the point of art? Why does man want to express himself in colors and form both in two and three dimensionally? Art for bread. Art with a vision. Art just for art. I can go on like this. That doesn’t make working in and with art any easier. The use of new techniques is also becoming increasingly common in all artistic expressions. We do not know why man now insists on expressing himself in colour and form. Is that a primal urge? Is that something we’re hereditaryly burdened with? At least I don’t know. For me, it remains a profession with many question marks and is art making actually a profession?

Sometimes I keep hoping that art is honest and created with a social / ideal drive. Perhaps the amateurs are still sincere and honest in their artistic expressions. Or actually the children who still draw and paint purely from their heart. The meaning of things is not clear to them either. Children in sincerity (still) doubt the meaning of things? As adults, we are bespoiled with the doubt as the end of our lives draws ever closer. Also, for the artist who can imagine things in multiple dimensions, he cannot fathom the meaning of things. We have closed ourselves off to the beauty of things.

Well how simple can life sometimes be if we don’t (want to) think about it. Or would it just broaden our lives if we didn’t want to see through the meaning of things. Does that perhaps also apply to the artist who struggles with the matter with which he wants to depict his world?

I wish the reader a sensible May with many beautiful and flowerful days in which the magic of the colors and shapes will hopefully inspire us, but also see that beauty is often hidden in the simplicity of things.

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Mark pol

I am an artist:painter. I paint and draw. Its a kind of figurative surrealism.