Somewhere in Time

Mark Pol
3 min readJun 20, 2022
Time travel

Somewhere in the time of our lives, somewhere deep hidden in our memories. Memories of our childhood. While the music of the movie “Somewhere in time” sounds in my ears. The film itself is a romantic American fantasy film.

The film is an adaptation of the novel “Le jeune Homme, la Mort et le Temps”. The original soundtrack of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s eighteenth variant of the Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. Developed by John Barry for the film. If you listen to this music, you will automatically be taken back in time, what this film is about.

Time travel.

Traveling back in your own time, step by step through good and bad memories. About things you regret. About things you might want to do over again. About things you would never, ever want to do again!

The moment you fell in love. That you didn’t know if you would have the courage to ask for that love for a date.

Memories of primary and high school. Memories of the university. From your friends, whom you have lost sight of. Your first job and the colleagues who may or may not be nice. Sometimes the desire pops up in you that you would like to travel through time, just like in H.G. Wells’ book, “The Time Machine.”

Back to the beginning of time or to the end of time. That you see the stars disappear and new stars appear. What does the end of your life and your own funeral look like? How humanity has already developed in a thousand years? Have they learned anything? Has man destroyed himself and are some loose groups wandering around on an unlivable planet?

Time is actually an elusive concept. We have set the time in a concept that is viable for us. A concept to be able to control and regulate our lives and work.

Somewhere in time, you think about the past, about the history of Man. How beautiful and ugly the things were, that we have left behind in time. Of which we still reap the (sour) fruits.

Somewhere in time of my own past, now after almost eighty years. Born in the war, WWII, and by luck survived. It was maybe my lucky star?

Travel through time. Looking for happiness in the past or looking for happiness in the future?

The theme of the film “Somewhere in time” is nearing its end. I detach myself from the thought that time travel might one day be feasible. Will there ever be a development in technology that makes time travel possible? Or will it always be science fiction? Or will it be realized in a thousand years ? Will Man who is still alive be happier or unhappier as a result?

Somewhere in time, a great theme to keep dreaming about!

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Mark Pol

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