The man with the baby carriage

Mark Pol
3 min readApr 21, 2024
Getty images Man with the baby carriage

Almost every day on the road past my little garden, a man walks by with a baby carriage. At the end of the road, he turns around and walks back. Going somewhere. It’s like that almost every day.

As a curious person, you would like to ask, “Why do you walk with a stroller every day?” I don’t want to be nosy and disturb the man’s concentrated walk. Could it be a sick baby? Can’t the baby sleep if he doesn’t walk? Is his wife sick and should it be quiet at home? And more questions that come to mind that may be totally irrelevant.

Every person in a society has his or her own concerns and problems, which cannot be seen on the outside. Behind the door of each house there are things going on that we may prefer not to know about.

It is very busy with airplane traffic towards Schiphol Airport. My thoughts are almost pushed away by the noise. When the wind turns it is, fortunately, quieter again.

The man with the stroller passes by again. He walks at a slow pace, probably so as not to wake the baby.

Other people’s problems and worries are hard to fathom. Maybe if we knew, we could help each other better? Would that make sense?

The sun caresses my face and my little garden. I take a walk to my studio. I need to take inventory of which paint tubes are empty and then make a…



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