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3 min readFeb 26, 2024
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Can’t protect me from thoughts, which run through my head when I’m working on a new work in my studio. Can we escape our thoughts, I think then. I philosophize a bit on the subject: Truth.

“The wildest fantasy is not as bad as the truth.”[i]

Truth based on facts and scientific discoveries? Truth proclaimed by an expert in a particular field? If truth is said, should it always be verified?

The truth is there for the knowing. The truth is there for a non-doubting scientist. Or should truth always be doubted? May there be a continuous ignorance in which we move. Is our observable world a world in which truth is self-evident? We should not be carried in the search for truth by conspiracy theories. Or other strange thoughts that cross our minds in search for the truth.

Wrestling with the truth, Ronald Raak writes in the Volkskrant of February 2, 2024. He discusses Nicolaus Cusanus’ integrating book De Docta ignorantia, finally translated into Dutch as Over de wetende onwetendheid.

“No man can ever know the truth, but this does not mean that the truth does not exist.”[ii]

Will speaking the truth increase our happiness in life? Cusanus discusses, among other things, that we should: “Continue to strive for knowledge, in a ‘pursuit of wisdom’. That we do not succeed in this is not a problem to the theologian, for…



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