Walking Apes

Mark Pol
2 min readApr 5, 2024
Getty images Walking Apes

Gandhi, who answered on the question what he thought of the Western Civilization said: that’s a good idea!

So the next question could be: is there a Western Civilization? If so, how would we describe it in civilized terms? We are indeed walking Apes with the idea that we are rational thinking Human beings.

Is that a mistake? No, because our brains are our problem. As I have wrote it before: we have reptile brains with a new layer over it. The Neo Cortex. What do we do with our new brains and our opponent thumbs? We make things. We are creators and planners of beautiful and technical things. Ah, but then comes our reptile brain, our primeval time brain which is still leading our behavior. No matter what we create or make, it will destroy it by i.e. xenophobia, greed, power, war, slavery, murder etc. etc…

Our brain, which was a beautiful step in the evolution of Man, has become our doom. We have proven it in the last 12000 years that we are unable to live with a split brain, with an unsynchronized development history in our brain.

In the mean time I am staying speechless and looking around and still amaze me: what will become of the Walking Apes?

Time will tell!



Mark Pol

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