When the world comes to a stand still in you

Azteeks fantasy 4

When the world comes to a standstill in you. Life fades away. You’re sinking into oblivion. The images are fading. The dreams disappear.

Planet Earth will continue to exist. She will make her circle around the sun until it is extinguished. Then all life is gone. Civilizations will have faded. Then our planet will disappear in the eternity of the universe.

On this quiet morning, my thoughts are drawn to the relativity of our existence. All battles will then be fought, played out all powers. All poverty has disappeared and the suffering has disappeared. All the grief will be comforted. Loneliness simplified too not being. Men gone. Paradise is lost.

If that relativity had permeated us, how beautiful could life have been on this planet. This little blue speckle in our own solar system. How grotesque the power play, how grotesque the eagerness for a lot of money. How grotesque is man’s inhumanity. We humans do not understand that our own brains drive us to our own demise. Without realizing that our own brains, as they originated evolutionarily, are fooling us.

When the world comes to a standstill in you, know that our brains are shutting down. Our brains are our world. Every expression every creativity is therefore determined. The fate of man lies in his brain. If only we could realise that. If we will be able to ask ourselves that clearly and bright. Then we could also humbly realize that we have reached the limit of our existence. Have reached the limit of our ecology. We as a very successful species are crossing the limit of our existence.

We have lost respect for life here on this earth. We’re looking for the Moon, we’re looking for Mars. We take our brains to those worlds and make another earthly mess there.

In addition to the many beautiful things and creations that man has produced over the last 12,000 years in all those amazing creations of our mother earth, we have completely screwed up the last 2,000 years of that. What we call civilizations are not civilizations, but dominations, destructions and genocides.

Likewise, what we call Western civilisation, that is not a civilization that is a technological domination. Destruction of ecology has accelerated catastrophically over the last 50 years.

When the world comes to a standstill in you and you can still look at this planet, gives it a huge rest. Rest that you accept that we as human beings have no choice. We keep making things go wrong. It’s sad that our old brains created this world and that we let that brain manipulate the new brain.

Racism, fear, hatred, religion and selfishness are hidden in our old brains.

When the world comes to a standstill in you, know that it will always be so, despite our idealism and our dreams.

I am an artist:painter. I paint and draw. Its a kind of figurative surrealism. www.saatchiart.com/markpol