The future of energy, we should have started to think about it 40 to 50 years ago.

The power of the oil companies and the stupidity of our politicians cover it up and suppressed it.

Today we are thinking it over again and again, but still there is the same thing going on.

The future is now very very near, about 250 million years ago all the life on earth was on the brink to be wiped out because of the climate change at that time.

Now we are close again.

Energy is still generated by burning oil, coal and gas and nuclear power plants. We try to generate it by sun, wind, heat from depth of the earth. Waves of the ocean. Frantic are we searching for a renewable energy source. E.i. nuclear fusion, but it is still in the R&D phase. It should give us more energy than we put in to start the fusion.

At first the power of the oil companies must be broken: but that is a matter of political will.

Second we have to set up a think tank in which we must think about renewable energy just for the good of mankind.

Third if we go on to fight each other for the power and the money, we will run with our planet to a certain abyss.

We do not understand how lonely we are in our known universe, how we depend of each other to stop the global warming. The future of mankind is in danger because of the political developments in a lot of countries around the world. Nationalism, upcoming neo-Nazism, religious extremism, extreme right, suppressing of minorities and so forth.

If we only concentrate on solar or wind energy we will lose the future. We will lose the future if we go on in this way. We have reached the limits of our planet, the earth will try to get his balance back with heavy very heavy storms, with heavy rains. Acidity is rising in the oceans. And the ice sheets are melting in an ever increasing speed. After Paris the leaders are doing nothing and just go behind the power and the money. Making shady deals with the big oil companies.

If there is a future for our planet and the future of energy, we must act now!

Mark Pol

Amsterdam, Dec. 7, 2018.

The Netherlands.

Mark Pol, painting